It’s about the dogs.

Power of the Pack

Allegro Pet Services is more than a dog walking company.  Since 2014, we have concentrated on building relationships with pets and clients as the bedrock of our business.  When we treat your pets as our own, only the highest level of care will suffice. Special bonds with dogs, responsive and adaptive customer service, and singular client satisfaction place Allegro at the head of the pack.

Service Excellence

We are proud to offer a full array of personalized services for your pet, a professional and dedicated staff, and client relationships that span over a decade.  A relationship with Allegro means that your pets are covered. Whether that means regularly scheduled or short notice dog walks, socialization and play off leash in a safe, supervised atmosphere, or cage free boarding in a home environment while you are away, Allegro is there for you and your dog.

Dogs are Individuals

We believe their care should be individualized as well.  Allegro offers service packages designed and constantly modified to suit your dog and your life.  We bring more than a decade of dog handling and training experience to constantly monitor, communicate, and improve your dog’s ability to live a happy, full life.

A dog in winter with a snow covered face.
Allegro on Instagram

Last minute Super Bowl Social Club on Sunday! Chief fans, 49ers fans, puppy bowl fans, and (most importantly) Usher fans welcome! If you’ve got a party to host or attend and need your pup out of the house, we got you covered! 🏈🏈🏈

Good morning Allegro pack!

Exercising is more fun with a walking buddy!

We’re just gonna go ahead and make this week an appreciation week for a few of our pack mates who turned another year older. If our furry friends had posable thumbs, we’d like to think they’d have phones and Instagram accounts so they could brag about having their insta debut at Social Club.

Let us remind you all how much we love taking care of your pets. They truly are part of the family when they spend time with us or with their friends at SC. We spend a lot of time keeping them busy and off the gram.. we really should share more content this year.

[doodle of Gracie by @jaysillustration ]