It is a real privilege to add a few words of commendation and appreciation for an individual and his team of dog whisperers. Hans Peterman has been a godsend for our family and most especially for Leo the Labradoodle. Leo waits by the back door at noon each day and can't wait to embark on each day's outing. He comes back tired and healthy and I have the happy dog I always wanted. Hans and Allegro Pet Services are indispensable to us and we are most grateful to have him in our lives.

Testimonial Ellen O., Gold Coast
Ellen O., Gold Coast

I give Hans Peterman, founder of Allegro Pet Service, my highest recommendation. He is a dedicated professional whose traits such as patience, competence and reliability have impressed me. I introduced myself to Hans during the summer of 2013, requesting his business card. At the time, I was training a new puppy and was often outside. I noticed that he was without a doubt a stand out among the numerous dog walkers in the neighborhood. He was always focused 100% on the dog he was walking. He has the unique ability to connect with all animals. Hans has a stellar reputation in the neighborhood. He is the only person I trust to walk Bentley, a soft coated Wheaten Terrier, and give her long term care when I travel.

Testimonial Terese E., Gold Coast
Terese E., Gold Coast

I have been with Hans and his team at Allegro Pet Services for over a year and in that time they have never failed to be there when I need them. My work schedule changes often, and someone is always in to take Ollie for his walk, even if I call the day of. Ollie is my pal, and his care means more to me than just about anything, and for his break in the day, I trust Allegro.

Testimonial Judy K., Lincoln Park
Judy K., Lincoln Park

I have used Allegro on five separate occasions spanning a few years' time. Some of the occasions were on short notice, another a family emergency, and others planned in advance. I have 100% confidence and trust in Allegro's staff and service. In one instance, my cars were moved to prevent street-cleaning tickets! Most importantly, my pets are happy before and after! Try them--you will be completely satisfied.

Testimonial Greg S., Chicago
Greg S., Chicago

Hans came highly recommended to me from a friend. I am very particular due to the fact my dog is special needs, blind and deaf. My other dog is just difficult. Both really like him. My Chi actually wags his tail and always goes out for Hans. Hans has also always made himself available when I have needed him last minute. One great perk Hans doesn't charge extra for me having two dogs. Always nice and polite and very responsive.

Testimonial Debbie B., Gold Coast
Debbie B., Gold Coast

We love Allegro!! Our beloved 17 year old dog has been with Hans for eight years, and they are very close. We travel a lot and always know Toby is in good hands (and making himself right at home) with Hans, especially as his aging requires special attention. Hans and his team genuinely care for your dog, and will always go above and beyond to ensure their happiness and comfort.

Testimonial Karen and Roger M., Gold Coast
Karen and Roger M., Gold Coast

Gunner ♥️s Hans! He revels in his walks with him, waits anxiously when he hears Hans approaching the front door, and spins in circles when he sees him. Hans has a way of communicating with Gunner that makes us want to record his voice... he obeys Hans... us, well, it depends on how Gunner is feeling at the moment. We were so lucky to find Hans... thank you, Teresa and Roger!

Testimonial Barbara and Jim S., Gold Coast
Barbara and Jim S., Gold Coast

We highly recommend Hans and his team at Allegro Pet Services for all of your family pet needs. We've been clients for almost 3 years and counting. Not only do they provide superb daily walking services, we take advantage of overnight care while we are away on vacation. Hans has always been able to accommodate our requests for weekend or overnight care, even with short notice. He makes our canine daughter, Maizie, a priority. Maizie looks forward to her daily walks and waits by the front window to be picked up each day. She also very much looks forward to her extended vacation visits which allow us to enjoy a carefree vacation. We don't worry about anything when Maizie is with Hans or a member of his team. They truly care about pets. We feel fortunate and lucky to be clients!

Testimonial Jim and Deb B., Lincoln Park
Jim and Deb B., Lincoln Park