Did you know that Allegro Pet Services do cat visits?

Sometimes we forget that companion cats are not always solitary animals.  Famous for living on their own schedules, they do like to spend quiet time away from commotion, and many are at their best when everyone else is sleeping.  Given these natural tendencies, it can be easy to assume that they will be fine if not completely happy, left to their own devices while you are away.

In our experience as cat lovers, this is may not be the case.  Cats need companionship, fresh water, clean litter, and play to stay healthy, happy and not stressed.  Providing for these needs while owners are away alleviates the anxiety and stress of leaving unhappy cats behind.

Allegro Pet Services has the answer.  Our Cat Visits provide 30 minutes of undivided attention for your feline family.  Feeding, fresh water, litter cleaning, playing, brushing and every other cat care chore you may need can be provided for your family members while you are away.  You can truly relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your cats are receiving their usual care.  Find out more about our cat services here


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