Does pet toy clutter have you going a little bonkers?

Does pet toy clutter have you going a little bonkers?

Only 1 week left!   Donate a few toys or supplies and help out a local rescue shelter, while you de-clutter a little corner of your life.

Help Allegro gather pet supplies and monetary donations to aid an outstanding local animal shelter/rescue organization.    The Famous Fido Rescue/Adoption Alliance (FFRAA) is in need of various supplies and/or monetary donations to support their work sheltering rescued pets from throughout the Chicago-land area.

What do they need? Pet toys, cleaning supplies, flea/tick medicine, beds, dog/cat food, and a variety of other options are all carefully listed on the FFRAA Amazon gift registry

How do you Donate?    Simply contact Hans via voice, text, or email and let him know you’re interested in donating.   He and the Allegro staff will work directly with you to make sure the logistics are as simple as possible.  

Thanks to you all for any donations you feel able to make.   We are so grateful for you, our community, and want only to spread some of the good.


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