At 17 years of age, Toby the Maltese,  is the uncontested elder statesman of Allegro friends.  His attitude and athletic ability are legendary within his neighborhood.  He has very firm ideas about walk direction as well as, duration on his two daily hour long walks and imposes those very emphatically on his adoring Allegro friends.


A young Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen,(PBGV), Maizie displays the exceptional vocal and expressive style of her breed coupled with the devotion to detail only bassets can accomplish..  Very attentive to her Allegro friends,  Maizie will always contribute her opinion on most any subject.  A winter lover, she adores snow bank diving and puddle stomping despite the resulting grooming penalties!


85 pounds of  lovable Labradoodle, this guy really enjoys his exercise and his Allegro buddies.  Leo receives miles of walks each day to help him remain happy and healthy.  This exercise regimen and his adoring Mom allow this larger than life guy to live very happily within his urban neighborhood.  His labradoodle heritage is demonstrated in his cordial greetings of one and all with a single notable exception, one very small neighborhood pug.  Boy, he really dislikes that specific pug!!!

Wrigley and Sunny

A delightful pair of Golden Retrievers, Wrigley – older and somewhat more dignified and Sunny – quite young and unabashedly energetic, are living breathing examples of their breed’s congeniality.  They are full of fun and frolic as their Allegro friends walk them together as a family unit.  Sunny’s enthusiasm was in full view last Christmas when she decided to open presents just a shade early while Wrigley advised for delayed gratification.  Their daily walks help control Sunny’s energy and give Wrigley the additional exercise to stay on top of youthful exuberance!!!!

Wrigley and Wilson

This beloved odd couple are walked together as a family unit.  Wrigley, dubbed lovingly by Allegro staff as “Wiggles” due to his enthusiastic all body shimmy greetings always insists on leading the way for this walking caravan.  Wilson, a Burmese Mountain dog, is content to saunter during walks, taking time to absorb all of the appealing neighborhood smells.  Since Wrigley has to take ten steps to every one of Wilson’s, the Wiggles trot and Wilson amble are a great example of canine synergy.


Young and active, this miniature black cockapoo has never met another canine or person he is not enthusiastic about greeting.  His shiny dark eyes demonstrate comprehension and perception – This can spell trouble if he is not physically challenged!  He sincerely enjoys his long walks with Allegro staff and usually returns home ready for a nap.  This regular activity helps protect his family from the canine joy of missing socks and stolen tax forms, if for just a short while!


A medium Goldendoodle, Oliver has energy to spare for most any pursuits.  Oliver greets his Allego walker with enthusiasm and is happy to walk wherever the day dictates.  Allegro staff are very attentive to our clients and know their habits well.  Oliver was not following his normal excretion protocols for a few days, and it was noted for his owner to assess.  A trip to the vet and it was discovered that Oliver had eaten a sock in an effort to fill his time productively. Ah – the joys of the young!


Ollie is always ready for his walk, although he is not thrilled when you don’t want to go the same way that he is.  Everyone loves walking Ollie, not only because he is a great guy, but his owner always leaves treats for staff as well as for him.

Belle and Roo

This dynamic duo, Belle, a delightful Morkie and Roo, a young Shih Tzu, are long time friends of Hans’, and affectionately know as the “Ewoks”.  These two definitely are take charge personalities and as a team, they run the show despite their diminutive size.  So adorable and so opinionated, these lovable girls often spend their family’s vacation time at Hans’ where they whip the resident cat, neighborhood dogs and all squirrels right into shape.


Oh my goodness – lovable cannot begin to describe this young Norwich Terrier puppy new to Allegro this winter. Pete is the second generation for Allegro replacing Breaker who became a forever friend last Fall.  While Breaker was renowned for his irascible personality, Pete meets and greets everyone with the same affable enthusiasm.  Allegro is looking forward to assisting Pete’s family as he grows through his puppyhood and on to the joys of canine life in Chicago.


A beautiful golden retriever, Holly loves her Allegro walks!  She patiently waits at the door with her leash already on and runs out as soon as her walker arrives ready to tour the park and commune with the other lucky dogs.  Her favorite venue is the North Pond at Lincoln Park – her personal quest is to keep the Park safe from all squirrels and geese. This full time job results in cranky displaced geese and treed squirrels – Holly takes her daily work very seriously!


Allegro’s resident cat has been Hans’ roommate since he was rescued as a kitten 8 years ago.  Orko is fearless in the face of dog guests and actually sets the mood for a very pet friendly household.  Every household must have a pet enforcer and Orko takes this role on with gusto insuring peace and quiet for Hans neighbors.


Hans found Puddle crouched under a parked car in a pool of icy water one winter night and the life of this very small and reclusive cat was changed through kindness.  This very small but resilient guy found a forever home with Susan and continues to thrive as a very content indoor housemate.with the cold winter streets of Chicago a faraway memory.

Our Forever Friends

Gone but not Forgotten


Wookie, a delightful and resilient Pomeranian,  left us just recently to become a forever friend.  She was rescued by a deeply caring Allegro client who fearlessly took on her disabilities of blindness and deafness.  Allegro was able to help the family with these special needs and admired the wonderful spirit of this small being who enjoyed her walks outdoors even if she did not walk in a straight line.  Allegro walkers likened her style to that of a Roomba – gently bump into an obstacle back up two steps and move forward again ever so slightly to the left or right. We were so happy to contribute to the quality of her days and to witness the wonders of love and adaptation.  Rest Well, Wookie!


Breaker lived a long and full life. He was best known for his love of treats and his large attitude housed in a small canine body. While he was also known for his rather irascible personality, Breaker had three friends including another Allegro favorite, 17-year-old Toby the Maltese. Breaker’s family has celebrated his life by adopting Pete who looks just like a mini-Breaker with an outgoing personality style.  We wish Breaker’s family great success as they demonstrate our ability to love many pets during our lifetime while carrying the beloved memories of those who have gone before.  Thanks for the memories, Breaker.